martedì 13 maggio 2014

Eviscerating Bronze Dart

Ancient Hurlbat


Baneful Enchiridion

Ninus' Slave

Axis of Tartarus


Shield of the Kozak Slayer

The August Ones' Impassible Grin

Fisherman's Spear


Thrice-Howled Edge of Frenzy

Club of the Wolf Rider

Hammer of Primal Wrath

Nilus the Blood Wake

Yun's Crow Beaked Kisses

Eclipse of Destiny

Laranga's Aim

Archaic Queen Statue

The Ravenous One

Bartholomo's Wife

Gauntlets of the Reckless Challenge

Tiger's Gauntlets of the Untamed

Sunsteel Halfplate Gauntlets

Mercenary's Gloves of Pierced Flesh

White Hand Deathgloves

Gloves of Effulgent Devotion

Tiger's Belt of Pierced Flesh

General's Belt of the Battlements

Roothugger's Ritual Sash

Belt of Wild Furor

Belt of the Wells of Night

Blade's Belt of the Grim Cabal

Pilgrim's Jerkin of the Purple Sun

Chestguard of the Black Warden

Nefarious Chest

Vanir Acolyte's Tunic

Tiger's Harness of the Primeval

Harness of the Kozak Slayer

Chestguard of the Usurper

Blade's Tunic of Arcane Death

Fine Sateen Robe

Achiton of Celestial Radiance