venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Underhall Wrist Guards

Underhall Wrist Straps

Blade's Bracers of the Black Arts

Fine Steelsilk Bracers

Underhall Hellish Bands

Embossed Bracers of Transcendence

Nemedian Legionary's Bracers

Bracers of Dark Malice

Nemedian Scout's Bracers

White Hand Master Bracers

Blade's Gloves of Charred Earth

Blade's Grips of the Grim Cabal

Thaumaturge's Gloves of Sovereign Rule

Fine Steelsilk Mitts

Demonclutch Gauntlets

Swashbuckler's Grips

Sage's Gloves of the Purple Sun

Pirate's Gloves

Gloves of Celestial Radiance

Pillager Grips

Gloves of Dark Malice

Embossed Armguards of Transcendence

Armstraps of Dark Malice

Cured Brassarts

Heretic's Armguards

Vanir Ambusher's Armbands

Skymetal Halfplate Armguards

Vanir Armguards of Subterfuge

Armguards of the Usurper

mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014

Sorcerer's Boots of Prestige

Turach's Quarry Boots

Rawhide Shoes

Mortiferous Boots

Blade's Boots of the Black Arts

Thug's Boots of the Hidden Tomb

Shemite Stormwatcher Treads

Pirate's Boots

Padsoles of Dark Malice

Nemedian Legionary's Sandals

Darfari Leather Shoes

White Hand Master Boots

Savage's Footgear

Heretic's Boots

Plated Boots

Padded-leather Shoes

Coarse Padsoles

Boots of the Black Dragon

Boots of Fearless Souls