martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Clutch of Black Terrors


Tongue of the Vengeful Serpent

White Sands Isle



Head Poacher


Kier Dheed

Ancient Crocodile

The very first Boss ingame! :)

Conan's Blademaster Set

lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

Black Dragon Set T3 (Conqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian)

Wristwraps of Fiendish Invocation

Vambraces of the Black Dragon

Bluesteel Fullplate Vambraces

Vambraces of the Usurper

Wildstrider Bracers

Bluesteel Fullplate Gauntlets

Gauntlets of the Black Dragon

Helm of the Black Dragon

Skymetal Halfplate Helm

Pictish Snake Hood

Cured Cap

Wildfury Colf

Spysight Hood

Rough-stitched Hood

Footpad's Hood

Padded-leather Cap

Ironsilk Circlet

Helm of Infernal Zeal

Grizzly Mask

Darfari Warrior's Headpiece

Northfur Cloak

Cured Jerkin

Vanir Ambusher's Jerkin

Kincaid's Hauberk

Rough-stitched Tunic

Skymetal Halfplate Chestguard

Wildfarer's Jerkin

Padded-leather Jerkin

Majestic Gloves