giovedì 4 dicembre 2014

Quill of Ibis

South Cleave of the Vermillion

Shard Blade of Wraal

Cannibal Cave

Lightning Strike

Enffebling Heavy Crossbow

Earthreaver Bow

Sacred Pugio

Ula's Bloodmercy

Fleshy Club

Brutal Iron-shod Quarterstaff

Shaman Staff

Twice-pilfered Crossbow

Winterkill Crossbow

Ash-picker Boots

Raider's Chestguard

Warrior's Reach

Woodscourge's Axe

Elegiast's Britches

Northfur Cloak

Guthorm's Wristband

Preternatural Dagger

Fine Sateen Armbands

Unhallowed Canvas Mitts

Fine Sateen Pants

Pilgrim's Headress

Fine Sateen Robe

Godseeker Bracers

mercoledì 12 novembre 2014

Vicious Cape of Ill Intent

Blossoming Death

Shroud of the Ghost Crows' Spite

Quenching Sateen Hood

Shadowmantis Treads

Stormforged Ball Mace

Tempestuous Broadsword

Shemite Exile Set

Shemite Exile Cincture

Shemite Exile Wristguards

Shemite Exile Boots

Stupefying Partisan

Cloak of Ibis


Hellfury Armbands

Sunsteel Kukri

Jagged Cut

Silk Mitts

Viperstrike Tunic

Twistweasel Threads


Staff of the Lost Wanderer